Monday, April 13, 2015

Shedding Sarge

I had a number of errands to run today so I didn't get out to the barn until around 1:30 PM on Monday.  I went down and got Sarge.  Biscuit tried to go with me but I left him in the pasture.  He took off running and he was whinnying for Sarge!

I started grooming Sarge - he was muddy.  He is rarely muddy so I know he has been rolling to get the hair off.  I brushed and brushed and brushed.  Hair was flying everywhere - so glad he finally started shedding.  I used a scissor blade to pull the stringy pieces of his mane off.  He looked so much better!!!

I put the surcingle on him and side reins and worked him in the arena for 30 minutes.  He was a bit of a toot at the end  -  I think he was a little annoyed but too bad.  He did a good job after I insisted on finishing RIGHT. 

I could hear Biscuit whinnying the entire time I had Sarge up front.  I hosed him off and scraped him and took him back.  Biscuit was so glad to see him.

I went back a few hours later.  No matter how bad I feel, my horses make me feel better.  They are so precious to me.  I straightened out my tack closet while I was there.  I gave the horses carrots and clover. 

Check out Biscuit's mustache...could he be any cuter?

Short Ride

Kellie and I planned a ride for Saturday.  We got out to the park and tacked up.  I rode in her Circle Y.  We got out about 2/3 of the way down Cattail Marsh and it started sprinkling.  We made the decision to turn around.

We got back to the stables and it was sprinkling and we heard thunder.  We raced through taking our tack off .  I had a hard time getting the saddle back in the Brenderup - Barry's saddle was twisted sideways and I was having a hard time getting the Circle Y in. 

Kellie used her broom to sweep poop out of my trailer and I loaded up The Biscuit.  When we turned out on the park loop road it started raining.  LOL  we got out just in time!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hauling to Darolyn Butler's Barn

Biscuit came to me!  Woot!!  He was rewarded for doing so.  Don't want to revert to what I had before.

I took him to the wash rack and brushed him and cleaned his hooves.  He is still shedding.  I loaded him up and Jamie and Edgar closed the ramp for me.  I left at 9:40 AM.  Got half way there and realized I had left my dang credit card - I had no cash.  No lunch for me but I did eat Biscuit's carrots.  I hauled slow and steady and got to Darolyn's at 11:50 AM.  I knew she had an appointment.  They called her and she was on a ride at Pundt Park.  Her other saddle fitters started with Biscuit - they used little forms kind of like Allegany uses.  They were a little flummoxed by his little shoulder bulges.  Darolyn arrived and she tried several on him and then said no saddle would fit him and to get a shimmed saddle pad.  Oh my stars.

She decided an E saddle would work  for Biscuit.  She hah 15" E and she tacked him up with a thicker pad.  She told me to cut my shims and sew them into my Equipedic.  I can get Devin to do that at work on his super duper sewing machine.  Anywhoo.  I rode Biscuit in that saddle - LOL I actually fit in it which was nice.  I was more comfortable in that saddle than in the Steele.  I put the Steele on for Darolyn and with shims it would probably fit but I am going to go with the Saare.  She had her eyes and hands on Biscuit.  That makes a difference.  The saddle is much wider than my Allegany.  I will have to shim his back and get a thicker pad which I can certainly do.

Darolyn is going to get in contact with the saddle maker for Saare and have him call me tomorrow.  I loaded Biscuit back up and hauled home.  He was such a good boy while we were there. 

I talked it over with Lee Ann P when I got back.  I think this will be the best solution for me.

Monday Blues

I went out to the Barn Monday and woo hoo  Biscuit came to me.  I was afraid the riding may make him start refusing to come to me.  I walked him and let him eat grass.  He was up to his belly in grass. 

I took him up to the front and the Lee Ann's were there.  I noticed his back was a little swollen again.  I wasn't when I rode Sunday.  Gaaaaaaaaa....I soaked Biscuit's feet while talking with them.  Lee Ann P suggested I called Darolyn for a saddle fitting for a Saare Saddle.  Sigh.  I am so sick of saddle fitting blues.  I called Darolyn and made an appointment for Tuesday at noon.  I groomed Biscuit and dang...there were two lumps on his side about 4 inches from his spine and about 3 inches apart.  One was a little tick...which I pulled off.  There was a tick on him 2 weeks ago.  YUK!  The other was just a place where the tick was and then moved.  On the lookout for ticks now. 

I got out my hoof knife and rasp and did Biscuit's front feet.  They look so much better.  Got to soak more!!!

Saturday ride with Kent and Barry

The Posse was supposed to ride but eye injury of Aladin kept Kellie from going.  Barry was going with me.  I stayed at the barn to load up the tack while Barry went down to get the horses.

I loaded saddles, blankets, bridles and no Barry.  I walked down to where I could see the pastures and could see Biscuit trotting around.  Ugh.  So I walked down there and he had ran from Barry.  FAIL!!!  He came in halfway to me and trotted off.  I wasn't going to chase him - so counter productive.  I started walking back and here comes Barry with Sarge.  Biscuit then came into the corral and Barry shut it behind him and haltered him.

Kent was at the stables when we got there.  We tacked up and headed out.  I rode in Kellie's Circle Y.  We got just a little way down Cattail and Jerico started tossing his head and then threw in a little buck.  Kent checked to make sure the bit wasn't under his tongue and no rocks in his feet.  We went on and still he was tossing that head and throwing in little bucks.  He eventually stopped.  Kent thought too much rice bran!!!

A flock of Black Throated Blue Warblers were all around us at Willow Bayou.  So pretty!  So very blue and chirping up a storm.  Wish I could have got a good picture!!!

We went out the back and we saw muskrats/otter/something but it was too far to tell exactly what it was plus we saw Rosate Spoonbills!  We got down to Hildebrandt and Barry didn't want to go down the little trail to get to the main trail - but Biscuit and I did.  Way to go Biscuit!!! 
Barry trotted some and OMG that KILLED my knee.  The saddle was torquing my knee and I twisted the leather some and that helped.   Jogging didn't hurt.  We went up the other side and Bella was running in and out around Biscuit and he finally was fixated on her like a laser but he did behave.  She stopped and sat on the trail right in front of her and he did hit her with his leg but he was trying to go around her.  I was surprised.  He always wants to drop kick her.  

We crossed over the bridge and Barry wanted to canter Sarge as he was ready to GO.  I put Biscuit in a jog and we pretty much jogged all the way back to the gate of Cattail Marsh.  Jogged more going to the stables.  It was a good ride - sun shining to beat the band but it was a little windy.  Great day.  I hosed my horse off and we loaded up. 

Another 8.2 miles.  Hoping to make up for lost time. 

Good Friday ride

Kellie and I went for a ride on Good Friday.  I got out to the barn and went down to where Edgar and Jamie were working and asked if they could pick up my ramp for me.  They said yes so I got Biscuit - thank God he comes to me now.  I took him to where I have the trailer and tied him to the side where Sadda couldn't see him.  I hooked up the trailer and thank goodness Sadda went into his stall - I was able to get Biscuit in without fussing at Sadda!!

I hauled out to the park and Kellie and I arrived at exactly the same time.  I got Biscuit out and tacked him up.  He was a little pissy about his feet but gave them to me anyway.  Good boy.

We went out the front of the stables as the woods are too wet still and probably will be for a long time.  Ugh.  We went out Cattail and down the bog area.  It wasn't wet out in the back surprisingly enough.  Gorgeous out there even though it was overcast.  Nice slow ride for my first 8.22 mile ride in a long time.

My horse behaved beautifully.  He did start stumbling some - the Aussie was falling down on his withers.  Ugh.  We got back to the stables and I noticed his left shoulder had a swollen area.  Ok.  this saddle will not do but I can have it adjusted.

A young black kid of 12 (little bitty fellow!) wanted to pet the horses.  He stayed around watching them graze.  He had a phone app of neighing horses and the horses were looking for the  horse that was neighing. It was pretty funny.  They looked like the Yin and Yang.  Kellie and I had our Lunchables and the hauled home.

Biscuit was such a good boy!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Working with Sarge and Biscuit

Wednesday out to the barn and Mike the farrier was there.  Thank goodness I had money with me and I had Andrew, his son, put new gators on my hoof boots.  LOL Mike said "didn't you just get gators?"  I said yes and that they were chewed by the dogs. 

I worked with Sarge and Biscuit with the surcingle.  Lee Ann showed me how to take up the slack on the outside rein when I was working with Biscuit.  He did a great job and so did Sarge.

Thursday I met Cherie in Kountze and loaned her my saddle.  I hope it fits her horse.  I went out to the barn and brought my horses both back up and soaked Biscuit's hooves for 45 minutes and worked Sarge in the arena.  He did a great job.  A few fusses but not much.  I worked him for 30 minutes.  I really want to get Sarge back in shape. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday I ride again

I had to go to the cardiologist today - I haven't seen Dr. Bransford in 15 years...and he remembered me.  LOL I guess I had a somewhat weird case - but I enjoyed a doctor's visit instead of dreading it.  :-)  After that I visited with Kellie...omg her new trailer was leaking went back.  They are building a new one AGAIN.  Hope that it is a good one. 

I went out to the barn after that.  I got Biscuit and brought him up to the wash rack.  Lee Ann P and Lee Ann B were both there and Legato was soaking in the bath.  That soaking bath is nice!  I brought Jamie and Edgar Dunkin' Donuts today for making it.  Actually Jamie made it but Edgar is such a sweetie to me.  I brushed Biscuit and he is still shedding like crazy - cleaned his hooves too.  I got out my saddle and bridle and saddled Biscuit up and asked the Lee Anne's their opinion on the fit.  It is too tight in the withers.  I got Lee Ann B to hold him while I mounted up.  OMG I scraped my side on the horn and it freaking hurt like dammit.  I had a hard time getting my leg over the cantle.  Lee Ann adjusted the stirrups several times.  I walked him around, backed him up, leg yielded across the arena.  He is still being a little bit of a guy that wants to go where he wants to go but he isn't being difficult...just needs to be ridden. 

I noticed that this saddle was riding LOW on his withers.  Not a good sign.  It is really tight on his shoulders.  I am done with this.  I can't afford the shipping back and forth of this saddle.  I know that Biscuit has a dip behind his shoulders and that is complicating things.  I only want the best for my boy.  I took the saddle off and went and got my little Aussie - I have only rode in a few times.  I got it while waiting on the last Allegany.  It is very light.  I put it on with one of the Aussie pads and then changed to my purple Equipedic pad.  The Lee Ann's thought that it fit way better than the Steele.  It has the padded underside so it won't be squishing my boy.  I had Lee Ann B hold him and I mounted up.  She readjusted the stirrups and I rode him round and round.  He seemed more comfortable and I was too.  The Steele is not comfortable (it is just the tree) to me. 

So, I am going to send it back and tell Eric thanks but it isn't working.  I rode Biscuit in an Aussie saddle for 5 months after I got him.  So sorry I sold my nice Aussie.  I have regretted it every since I sold it. 

I am going to get a sheepskin for this Aussie as it is a cheap saddle so it isn't as comfy as my Allegany was.  I am going to let Cherie try the Allegany.  I hope it works for her.  It doesn't work for Biscuit.

After I rode Biscuit I soaked his feet for more than an hour.  I am hoping to get ride of this dang thrush soon. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Finally got to ride

I finally got to ride Sunday!!!  I did a large wedding cake Saturday and was too tired to go out there.  I did go out there Friday with Jarrod to see them and give them a carrot!

I got Barry to go out there with me Sunday - he had rode Sarge out at Tyrrell Saturday  while I was working.  He brought both horses up Sunday and we brushed them.  Biscuit's hair is just coming out like crazy.  He is shedding out nicely.  Sarge hasn't really started to shed yet.  He looks like a scruffy Teddy Bear. 

I saddled Biscuit with the Steele saddle.  I had to go get a different girth out of the tack room.  I left the neoprene one at home.  Took a few minutes to get it set up.  Barry stepped in the saddle first and sat on Biscuit.   He walked him around and Biscuit was just fine with that.  I had Barry hold Biscuit while I mounted up.  I had a little trouble getting in the saddle.  My legs are weak and wobbly.   I walked him around and around.  Biscuit wasn't bad but he definitely needs to be rode because he wanted to go where he wanted not where I wanted!  LOL  I told him not happenin'!

Barry returned Sarge to his pasture.  I dismounted and got him to take pictures of me and Biscuit.   I soaked Biscuit's hooves.  I noted that the saddle is still too tight on his shoulders.  I am disheartened over that. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thursday Surcingle work

Barry and Kayden went to barn with me and I worked with both Sarge and Biscuit.  Sarge was a bit of a little toot but it was ok.  Biscuit did a great job.

I had tried to make a reservation for June at Ebenezer and they were all booked.  Gaaaaaa...I had forgot in January to make them as I had so much on my mind.

Our Posse all met Saturday at Lupe Tortilla - OMG it was pouring rain and while that bites we would have really been pissed had it been sunshinning.  It rained hard up at the lakes.

Stacie got us darling hats with our horses painted on the brims!  Mine is pink!!!  Love love love them.

I got to hear about Christy's new horse Rooster.  I can't wait to ride with her and her new pony!

Saturday night I was checking to see if there were any cancellations for June and woo hoo - this time there were 3 - one being 11.  I made reservations for June, July and September.  I am going to book a week in October but I won't be able to do that until April 1.  I made a reminder for myself on my calender so I won't ever forget again!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday Surcingle Work

On Tuesday I went out and got Biscuit.  It was a nice sun shiny day and a little warm.  I brush Biscuit and hair is going everywhere.  I got out the headstall, cavason, lunge line, lunge whip and surcingle and side reins.  Woot.  We were ready to go.

I tacked Biscuit up and we went into the arena.  I haven't worked him since just before my surgery but my boy walked on like a champ.  Slow and easy.  He trotted when asked.  I put the side reins on and off he went.  Realized they were shortened so I loosed them to where they were as long as they can be.  Starting off slow.  Asked him to walk and he walked on soft and smooth.  We eased up into trotting.  He did fantastic.  Dropping that nose and rounding up.  Lee Ann saw part of it and he was doing great she said.  Changed sides and did the other side.  I didn't have my phone so I think we did about 10 minutes on each side.

He had some sweat but not that much but he doesn't have the t heavy coat Sarge does.  So I just rinsed off his hooves and let him munch a little clover.  He then went back down to the pasture.

Wednesday I didn't have very long to work with Sarge but I got out there for 10 minutes on each side.  This time he walked on softly and correctly.  I put the side reins on and off he went.  Walk, trot, canter.  Sometimes his nose was near his knees...good boy Sarge.  I am going to get my beautiful boy back in shape.  I could hear Biscuit whinneying to us the entire time I was working with Sarge.  I got down to the pasture and he was all sweaty.  Hahahah he had worked himself running all over the pasture.  I think Biscuit is ready to go riding.  This 4 months of pasture is getting old.

I was going to take Barry out to show him what I was doing but we got side tracked in the store parking lot talking to his sweet cousin, Cindy.  We had time to take the carrots out to my boys though.  Barry said he wanted to see what I was doing to "mess up his horse".  bwahahahah I told him I was correcting all of his crap.  Sarge is a sweet horse but he can be a handful.  After working with him I may start riding him.  I have owned this horse for 6 years and only been on him twice.  I have loped him around the small arena and I think Sarge and I are going to be buddies.

We had to cancel our camping trip due to bad weather all weekend.  Dang.  We are all so disappointed.  Kellie has her new trailer - omg her other trailer was leaking somewhere and rotted the entire floor so she now has a 4 horse LQ.

After I took the horses to the vet I left the ramp down as it is too heavy for me to lift now.  OMG - the dogs got my hoofboots.  Ranger brought one up and was using it as a chew toy.  I looked to see if the other was in the trailer but it was gone.  I told Jamie and Lee Ann told  Edgar and they found the other.  Whewwwwww!  Chewed my new gators but that is my fault.  DUH  won't let that happen again.

Soaking hooves and surcingle.

Sunday I went to the barn and brought Biscuit up.  I brushed and groomed him and soaked his feet.  He was good about soaking his feet which was a blessing.  I brushed him again - hair was flying
 everywhere.  Before and after pictures.

Monday I went to the barn and brought up both horses.  I brushed both of them and  soaked Biscuit's hooves.  Sometimes he is good about it and others he is a toot.

Lee Ann said she would help me with a surcingle so I got out Red's old cavason and his old one ear headstall.  We had to operate on it a little bit to take the Les Vogt bit off and put in the chunky snaffle.  It had the little leather tongs on each side - we both said we prefer buckles!  My endurance tack has buckles - so much easier!!!

 We put it on Sarge and took him in the arena.  He gave Lee Ann some trash - throwing a few little fits - taking off fast - hollowing out.   Lee Ann finally got him to relax and he slowed down.  She put the side reins on him and he started dropping his head and rounding up.  He had foam between his butt cheeks when she was done but he had a good workout.  I gave him a bath and rinsed all the sweat off.  He is so curly in the winter time and he seriously needs to shed out.  I am hoping the exercise helps that along.  I am going to try to work him 2 or 3 times a week and get Sarge back in shape.  He has lost muscle tone and that is not acceptable.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To the vet and to the Royal Horse show

I was released from the doctor last Wednesday to ride!!!  Woo hoooooooo!!!

I went to the barn and loaded up my horses to take them to the vet.  I hauled them out to Doc's and Kassie got up in the trailer and gave them their shots, added tetanus and pulled a Coggin's on Sarge.
It was right at $180.  I paid cash for it.   I hauled them back and unloaded them.  I left the ramp down.
Biscuit's chest muscles later looked swollen and distorted.  Lee Ann P asked me about it and I said I had noticed.  It was gone today though but I took them a week ago.  I am not sure whether Kassie gave him his shots in his chest or neck.  She generally does it in the neck.

Barry and I went to the Royal show and it was nice.  Amazing to see the horses leap up and kick out.  The horses looked gorgeous with flowing manes and tails.

Royal Horses at Plum Nearly and Farrier work

The Royal Horses were coming to Beaumont and we planned on going.  The day Barry worked Sarge in the arena Miss Jean told him the were stabling at the barn.

The day I fell and we went out to the barn is the day they arrived.  We just missed them by 30 minutes.  The next day we saw them at the barn on Monday.  Lovely horses.  Craig was trying to put a shoe back on one and he was giving him a fit - pulling away and hopping around.  LOL  I am sure Craig was used to that though.

On Tuesday stopped out at the barn and they were riding the black Freisan in the mare paddock wile the local news filmed.  Beautiful horses.  I met some of thse staff and they were very nice.  They needed some meds from Doc Schneider and I went and got it as I was going to Beaumont.  I stopped at the doughnut shop and got eclairs for Jamie and Edgar.  r th

I got back in time to bring the horses up because Mike was coming to trim their hooves.  Biscuit's hooves are getting more concavity.  Mike said that they used to be at 0 and now they at 3/4".  (I think that is right)  He did dig out the little divit in 3 of Biscuits hooves so that the Lysol soaking will get to the bad part.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bull Run at Plum Nearly

Barry and I were going see "Sniper" today.  I was getting ready - coming down the hall about to iron my purple shirt.  I caught my left foot on the loose baseboard that runs down to the kitchen.  OMG  Down I went - I remember yelling as I hit the ground.  Barry came running.  I was mortified.  I rarely cry - it gives me a dang headache so I hate crying - but there I was crying...not loud boo hoos but tears were flooding out of my eyes.  Ugh...I hate being crippled - yep I said it.  Cripple.  I know it could be worse but my big fear is falling and hurting myself where I couldn't walk or ride again.

I didn't want to go to the movies after that.  I told Barry I just  wanted to go out to see my horses.  They always make me feel better.  It was lightly raining when we pulled in.  I could see flashes of the little bulls moving close to the mares barn.

We came around the turn by the stallion barn and I could see the little bulls running and there stood Rogue at attention and all the other horses that were out up there were watching and I am sure thinking those were some funny looking horses!  Rogue walked closer to his fence - ears erect - and looking like he'd seen a Martian.

My horses were in their shed - I am sure they have seen the little bulls by now but I know he would have been at attention too had he seen them.

I rolled my window down so I could see them better - they put a smile on my face even thought I didn't get out.  I didn't want them out in the rain - better under their little shed.

I have to call and make an appointment for them to go to the vet this week.  They are also having their hooves done Tuesday so a busy horse week this week.  Hoping to soak their feet again Tuesday before Mike gets there.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Barry works Sarge in the arena

Barry got up this morning and went to the barn.  He brought the horses both up and called me to come out there.

I got out to the barn, gave Brutis a dog biscuit, then went to the arena.  Biscuit was on the washrack.  I took him and went over to the arena.  He munch grass while I talked to Barry.  Barry had worked with Sarge in the little arena - he was making him stand while he walked off.  LOL  Sarge is such at sweet fellow.

I ran to The Dollar General to get Lysol - I was out and wanted to soak Biscuit's hooves.  I got us lunch at Subway.  I cleaned Biscuit's hooves and set his feet in the buckets.  He wanted some of what I was eating as he always does.  LOL I gave him a TINY bit of my tuna flatbreat sandwich.  Bwahahahahaha Biscuit doesn't like tuna sandwiches.  He spit it out and I think he would have liked to have wiped his tongue off.  He kept winding his mouth around  -  it was funny.

He gave me grief with the buckets for awhile.  I moved him to the side closer to the arena and he did a little better.  He stood finally - I brushed him and and cleared out his tail.

Barry rode Sarge and worked with him.  I later brushed out his tail while soaking his front hooves.  His feet look great except frog on front hoof and it isn't bad but getting a jump on it.

Biscuit's hooves look pretty dang good.  Going to keep working at it!

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Barry and  went to the HLSR.  We walked around and looked at the vendors - checkeu the new horse trailers...OMG gorgous.

Walked around and looked at the cattle - the cows were so pretty.  We watche d part of the cow show...a little bitty girl was showing a calf that was as tall as herself.  So cute!

We watched the clinician Craig Cameron.  He touched on NOT cutting off  horses whiskers - LOL I told Barry  TOLD YOU SO!!!

We watched the ranch rodeo competition.  Oh My Stars there was a rodeo staff guy riding a very nice liver chestnut horse that was so well trained.  OMG he kept yanking on its face, making it work way harder than was called for - kept rounding up and scattering the calfs - what a dippy doodle.  Hep couldn't ride worth doody - kept bouncing around in the saddle - not in rhythm with the horse AT ALL.  Poor horse ended up lathered up and the other horses weren't even sweating.  The horse wasn't anxious or crazy - it was trying to do what the goober on his back was asking.  I told Barry he looked like someone with a poop load of money that bought a very nice horse and didn't even know how to ride.  Later he was in the way of the people entered in the ranch competitions.  What a goober - I felt sorry for the horse.  The lady behind us agreed...dipshit that couldn't ride was ruining a good horse.

We enjoyed the ranch competition - woo hooo!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Soaking feet of the Biscuit

I went to the barn and paid my board and visited with Lee Ann P and Miss Jean for a moment.  I went down and here comes The Biscuit.

He is such an easy boy to catch now - there is no "catching".  He is more than ready to put his head into the halter and follow me out.  Good boy Biscuit - it is a miracle.

I brought him up to the wash rack and poured Lysol into the pans.  After I cleaned his hooves out I put his front feet in the pans.  He stood there so patiently today - last Friday it was a CHORE to keep his feet in the pans.  I fed him several carrots and he liked that.

I brushed him off - he is shedding but mostly because he was filthy with mud.  I also brushed out his mane.  As soon as we have nice warm consistant weather (it is 38° with a wind chill of 21° with rain and windy as all get out today) I will soak his mane and tail to get the dirt out and the yellowing it has caused.  Biscuit would have a snow white mane and tail if he was stalled but I don't want my baby stuck up in a stall.

I soaked his front hooves for 40 minutes and the back ones probably about 20 minutes or so.  His hooves and frogs are looking nice.  Going to get rid of this dang thrush if I can.

I gave a dog biscuit to Brutis - he is such a big ol' sweetie.  Passed out a carrot to Legato and Rogue.  Lee Ann B had joined us out on the washrack.  We were talking about trails in the Ebenezer/Letney area.

 I certainly hope I am able to ride in 2 weeks.  I am taking it easy and hoping the doctor releases me to ride next week.  If I am able to ride - it will most likely be on the flatter areas of Ebenzer not the hilly area of the lake.  No bushwhacking either.

Later I took Kayden to the  barn while we waited on Barry's truck to have the oil changed.  We took them both out to graze.  The bulls have now been placed in the pasture across from my horses.  They belong to Mr. Hebert and I counted 11 - they are supposed to have 22 bulls.  I saw Black Angus looking cattle but they were all the way on the other side so it was hard to see exactly what they were!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thursday was a soaking day

I went Thursday to soak Biscuit's hooves.  It was COLD out there.  It was because of such a brisk wind that was blowing.  I had on my line heavy duty shirt PLUS my freaking coat and when in the wind was cold.  Gaaaa it was 50 degrees but felt like it was in the 30's because of the wind.

Biscuit gave me a little bit of fuss over standing in the buckets but I think we got them soaked good enough.   He munch on carrots and a handful of alfalfa.  I took more carrots down to Sarge.  I had also went a bought Brutis' favorite dog biscuits and handed one to him.  He is such a big ol' sweetie.

I did call Eric at Steele and left a message.  I wanted to make sure the refit was here when we go to Ebenezer.  I haven't heard from him yet but hopefully by Wednesday.  If not, I will call back!

I seemed to have had a surgical setback today so I will be taking it easy the rest of the week.  Don't even know if I will be soaking feet - maybe on Wednesday - I hate not to, but I have got to heal so I can start riding again!

I do need to make an appointment to take the horses to the vet this week though.  They need shots, Sarge has to have his Coggins and I believe teeth need to be floated.  I will call Monday.  I will need help hooking up the trailer and raising the ramp.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Soaking feet and brushing Biscuit

I went out to the barn Wednesday and pulled Biscuit up.  I visited with The Lee Ann's and soaked Biscuit's hooves.  His frogs have sloughed off chunks - got to get them grown back in.

Biscuit gave me a few hissies over standing in the water - he was fussed at by me and both Lee Ann's.  I brushed him too - a ton of hair came off - enough to have made a dang sweater!!!

I enjoyed brushing him and hugging him up.  He is such a sweetheart.  I soaked his feet for 30 minutes.  Got to start doing it every other day or so to get rid of the trush he is prone to.

I went out Thursday to see him and Sarge.  Biscuit comes right to me and can't wait to put his head in his halter so we can go eat grass.  I let him eat the green stuff right by the gate while I put Sarge's halter on and so I had both of them out eating grass.  I only had 15 minutes today to let them graze.  I had to get home to watch Kayden after school.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Biscuit goes for a walk with me

I was only able to get out to the barn for 20 minutes Sunday.  I had been so busy with wedding cakes and when people are helping you because of surgery your time is not your own.  I went to the stable and Biscuit came to the corral and I haltered him and took him out.  Barry was behind me and he took Sarge and saddled him up.  I walked Biscuit down the road a bit letting him graze.  It is so nice to go out to the barn and my horse not run from me or walk off from me.

I had to go back to the house for a cake consulation so to put Biscuit in the pasture and kissed him up.  I turned him loose and turned to go out and heard him take off.  This is what I saw...

He was running down the fence whinneying to Sarge.  Biscuit was running/bucking and calling to Sarge. Devin had come out there with Mazlynn and Lesly.  Maz got to take a ride on Sarge!!!

I went to my doctor today and received a clean bill of health - there was nothing in the pathology to be concerned about and I was so grateful.  I have to go back in 4 weeks to be released and then we will be riding!!!  Woo hooo.  Until that time I will be taking it easy - making sure I don't cause anything to keep her from saying "go ride - have a great time".  

Biscuit and I will start working in the arena and walking down the road.  He is such a good boy and hope that when we start riding again it won't take us long to get back in shape!!

Out to see my Biscuit and Sarge

It was a week from the last time I saw the horses until I was able to get back out to the barn.  I stayed home after surgery to make sure I heal.

We went out and gave the horses alfalfa.  It was so good to hug them up.  Biscuit is starting to shed.