Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trails are drying up at Tyrrell

I stopped out at Tyrrell today to check the trails.  I walked out on them and there are still some wet areas but lots of dry now.  Woo hooo!!!!  I am going to ride on them this weekend if possible.  So ready to ride by myself with The Biscuit!

Jacque B visits The Biscuit

Jacque B was here teaching us cake classes and came to see me Wednesday before leaving.  We visited here and she followed me to the barn to see Biscuit.  She gave him and Sarge handfuls of treats!  I think Biscuit liked her!!

After Jacque left I saddled Biscuit after grooming him.  We rode in the arena for 30 minutes.  He was not wanting to trot and after kicking and kicking and popping with a crop he finally started a little trotting.  OMG he needs to be ridden more.  When I got off my legs were like spaghetti from kicking him.  

Lee Ann suggested using the snaffle - he is getting missed signals she said.  I am going to use his Allegany bridle with the snaffle and ride in the arena more.  I am going to put my spurs on too.  I can't kick sideways with any strength and it really wears my legs out.  I talked to my physical therapist about it but it is just going to take a long time for my nerves to heal.  Ugh.  So wish they would heal and I could walk straight again.  I will just have to barely touch him with spurs but I do believe he will get the message!

Biscuit's hoof is improving

Biscuit's hoof is looking fantastic.  I am still putting the ointment and organic vinegar in it.

The center sulcus is looking fantastic!  I will keep at it until it looks flat across the frog and the heels spread.  I think his heels are a little contracted.

I went out to the barn Monday after my cake class and Lee Ann P was in the ring with a lady on a Paint horse.  She wants to do some Western Pleasure classes.  Sweet little mare.  Lady likes to trail ride too.

The next day Lee Ann was riding this little mare.  She is very quiet and sweet as she can be.  She is boarding out at the ranch and Lee Ann will be training her.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Riding Biscuit

I went out to the barn Monday and cleaned Biscuit.  He was pretty dang dirty.  I brushed him all over and then tacked him up and rode in the arena.

He needs quiet a bit of work.  He didn't want to jog, didn't want to collect up, didn't want to go straight.  I can't wait til the dang woods are dry so that I can ride in there by myself.  Biscuit and I both need work.

I am going to continue to ride in the arena.  Just been so dang busy with cakes and therapy.  Next week is 2 days of cake classes AFTER the Day of Sharing.  Then it goes right into another wedding cake.  Busy is good though!

Ava rides The Biscuit

Monday a week ago I was babysitting Miss Ava.  I took her to the barn and she sat on the Biscuit and so did Alison's little boy Reed.  She hugged up Reed and Brutis, she chased a few chickens and got on the Gator.  What a gal.  She loved riding Biscuit and hopefully, one day will be my riding buddy!!

I took Ava home later and then came back to do Biscuit's feet.  I rasped all of his hooves and treated his thrush.  It is getting so much better!  The back area has filled back in but the center sulcus is still deep.  Working on it.  I put the vinegar in the cleft of the sulcus and then the ointments covered with Desitin.  It is working.  I bought a spray bottle and I am going to fill it with live culture vinegar and spray his frogs with it when I clean his hooves so that I can hopefully keep the thrush at bay all the time.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Treating Feet

I went out to the barn Wednesday and Biscuit refused to let me halter him and walked away.  I did manage to shut him in the little corral and told Edgar not to feed them.

I went back later with Barry and he still wouldn't let me catch him.  He did allow Barry to catch him and once he is caught he is fine.  Kellie said he was bipolar and she may be right!

I went out everyday to treat that hoof.  Thursday and Friday he let me catch him with no problem.  Heck he ran to me Friday - I had alfalfa.

Elan is sick and was at the vet for several days with a stomach bug that had him running fever.  Kellie was pretty upset that her boy was so ill.  He came home Saturday around noon.

Barry and I stopped by to see him after delivering a wedding cake.  He had lost some weight.  No riding for him for 2 weeks.

I will try to go out and ride Biscuit Tuesday.  I couldn't ride this weekend due to cakes and Ava's birthday.  I miss riding and want to go!  I told Barry I want to haul up to Ebenezer and ride even if it is by myself.  I am familiar with the trails and Biscuit behaves so I am not afraid.  I could even maybe go with Alex and Red.  Just want to ride!  Wish the trails in Tyrrell would dry up - I would so be riding there!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Monday Rasping of the Hooves

Monday I went out to the barn and pulled Biscuit up.  I brushed the mud off of him and he was shedding like crazy.

I worked on his feet.  It had been 2 weeks and they had grown some but not too much.  He was excellent while I was doing his feet.  I was supporting his hind hooves more like the farrier suggested.  Treated the sulcus and it is getting better.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ebenezer Weekend Washout

Last week I was sick with a bad head cold.  Ugh.  I was up all night Thursday night with a low grade fever.  It broke around 3:00 AM and I started feeling better.  Barry didn't want to go to Ebenezer but I said give me a few hours and I will be ready to go.

We finally got out to the barn around 2:30 PM or so.  I got the feed and hay together and Barry went and got the horses.  We tried to load Biscuit first and he refused.  We loaded Sarge and then I held the door all the way open and pointed Biscuit in at an angle and he hopped in with no problems.  We left for Ebenezer at 3:00 PM.

We got to the park just before 5:00 PM.  Biscuit came out just fine - Sarge barreled out and hit Barry's arm with the divider.  Sarge is a pill.

I made pancakes Saturday morning and we saddled up.  Dang...we rode about 3/4 of mile and it started sprinkling.  My shirt was wet.  Dang......back to the park.  We rode a total of 1.45 miles.

It started pouring down rain later.  We did have dinner at our campsite as we had the cover over the table.  Kent made his famous beans, sausage and rice.  Kellie wasn't in her "normal" spot and was in site #11.  That is a nice site.  Going to start using that one!  Nice view of the lake and the park.  Nice pens.  Close the the bathroom.

We went to visit Archie and it was still raining.  Ugh.  Rained all night long.  We started packing up Sunday morning.

I wanted Biscuit to load up first.  Kent helped me.  He got the long rope through the tie hook in the trailer and we kept urging Biscuit to load.  He was shaking and we stopped and reassured him.  He finally hopped in.  Sarge loaded easily.

Sarge came out easy and Biscuit kind of ran out the back.  Sigh.  I want to take the trailer to the barn and work with Biscuit on loading in this trailer.

I washed my trailer out after shoveling out the poop.  Put the tack in the barn and hauled back home.   I took all of the food out and the dirty clothes.  Used the chucks to lift up the mats so that it dried.  Just need to get the towels/sheets back in the trailer and ready for the next camping trip.

Barry fussed about the trailer being too small.  Dang.  It is way bigger than the Brenderup!  He said this was the last time he was going in that trailer and he is going to buy a RV and then I could sell The Roadrunner.  I told him when a trailer was in the driveway that belonged to us I would sell The RoadRunner and not a day before.  My momma didn't raise a fool.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vet visit and working with Sarge

It was vet day for the boys.  I went to get them and they came quickly to the corral and I was able to halter both of them without any issues.  Biscuit is getting so much better.  The corral is the best thing I could have done!

We loaded up and headed for the vet.  I took Sarge out first because he can be such a pill in the trailer by himself.  Doc gave him the shots and pulled his Coggins.  I put him back into the trailer and took Biscuit out.

Doc was giving Biscuit his shot and Sarge started pawing.  I fussed at him.  Next he tried to turn around...not enough room.  I fussed at him.  Doc asked if he would calm down when I put Biscuit back and I said yes.

Sarge quit fussing when I put Biscuit back in.  Sarge trailers really well but doesn't like to be left in the trailer.   What a pill.

I got back to the barn and pulled into the courtyard area and unloaded them both so I could treat Biscuit's center sulcus area.  Lee Ann P came out and I was brushing Biscuit and she started brushing Sarge.  I treated Biscuit hooves and they are looking better but still have a way to go.  I will keep treating til it is better.  I have had this problem before and it will get better.

I told Lee Ann I would like to ride Sarge and she said to start lounging him so I took him in the arena and asked for a walk and got a trot.  Barry always starts him at a trot and then he is cantering.  Ugh.  Lee Ann came in and made him walk.  He actually knows the commands but he was doing what Barry does with him.  I think Sarge enjoyed his little session.  <3

Lee Ann said he had a very smooth balanced canter.  I told her that I would like to ride Sarge and get my body used to a smooth canter and then work on Biscuit's canter.  I want Betty to take lessons and ride with me.  Dang...I could ride Sarge and she could ride The Biscuit.

Sarge is much more reactive but he is not mean or crazy.  If he was ridden frequently he will only be better.  He is such a sweet fellow - he loves all of the attention if he can get it.

Lee Ann told me about this sweet pot stuff of minerals for the horses that is supposed to slick them off nicely.  Sarge's hair is often funky in the winter.  I am going to get this for them.

I did go to 5 Star Feed to get the flat feed pans.  They only had one.  I then went to Mid-County Feed and got another one, a bucket of Nicker Makers and bones for Brutis.  He loves those.

I had brought home all of my tack from the barn and I put it in The RoadRunner.  Barry put the Microwave back in which was a PITA because he had to pull the fridge out to do so.

I have to get the trailer packed for Friday!  Woot!  Going to Ebenezer!

Alfalfa Time

Last Saturday Barry and I drove over to Vinton, La to the feed store to get a bale of alfalfa.  I got one for Kellie too.  I do believe my horses are going to be really happy campers.

When we got to the barn, Barry put it in the barn and took a square for the horses.  We went down to the pasture and they were out in the middle.  They started coming in and when Biscuit smelled the alfalfa he broke into a canter.  Couldn't get there fast enough.

They were sharing just fine until we went to leave and Sarge mean mugged The Biscuit and ran him off.  Barry fussed at him and brought Biscuit back but when we turned our back Sargent Mean Mugger came back.  LOL we finally took part of the alfalfa and put on the other side of the corral for Biscuit.  Sarge is such a pill at times.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hoof Care

Wednesday I went and purchased Lotrimine and Triple Antibotic Cream today and got some of the active vinegar from the house.  I went out to the barn and pulled Biscuit up to the wash rack and hosed off his hoof to clean it.

I mixed the cream in my little container and then put the vinegar into Biscuit's sulcus.  I did that 3 times letting a few minutes go in between each time.  I then put in the cream, pressing it well down into the center sulcus.  I am hoping this works.  I gave Biscuit treats and put him up.

Friday, Barry and I went out to clean Biscuit's hoof.  I took a little bit of water in a bucket to clean his hoof off as he didn't want to put his foot in the bucket.  I got it clean, put the cream into the sulcus and worked it in.

Hoping this thush is gone soon but his hoof smelled funky!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Barefoot trimming

The barefoot trimmer came out Tuesday.  It was nasty out.  I went down and caught the horses. They were both shivering so I hooked up the trailer and loaded them in it and got them bags of hay to munch while we waited for him to finish the horse in front of them.  He was working on Lemonnie.  She was not too happy with some of it.  She is so cute.

I went and got Sarge.  He came out of the trailer easy and I put his lead rope around his neck while I lifted the ramp back in place.  Dang that little rascal took off.  Edgar turned him back towards me and I got his lead rope but the little turn in by Brutis pen.  He was a little jazzed up when I took him into the barn and it took a bit for him to settle down.  Mike trimmed his hooves and they were long.  He said he'd work at pulling them back a little but that Sarge had really good concavity.  Yep.  Sarge has great hooves.  He is such a sweetie.  I got lots of sugars from him Tuesday.

I loaded him back into the trailer and took Biscuit out. I put up the ramp but didn't clamp it.  I took Biscuit into the main barn and washed his legs.  They were filthy with mud.  I tied him up while Azizza was being trimmed.  I got to watch Mike do that horse.  So much to learn.

He started on Biscuit and I gave him a little background on Biscuit.  We discussed that nasty crack that always comes in Biscuit's back left hoof.  I told him only once for a short time was I able to get rid of it but after riding in Kisatchie on that gravel road it came back.  He said it is most likely a crena that many horses have.  It is believed to be like a little notch in the coffin bone.  I just did some research on it and not that much is know about it but hoping to learn more.

He said that Biscuit had thrush in the front left.  I knew that am a bad horse mom.  I will get the stuff tomorrow to correct it.  He said that the live culture vinegar is good for helping to clear it up and to clear up mud scratches.  Poor old Azizza has had that so bad.  Poor chickie.  Biscuit gave him a little fuss about his feet but not much.  Anyway, he said Biscuit was landing toe first because of the thrush and that is not good.  After he trimmed Biscuit he was placing his feet correctly.  Lee Ann P said that Biscuit mostly walks correctly.  Lee Ann B came in with Rogue and she said Sarge was being a pill when she went by.  I had to leave so I head out and dang, the ramp is down.  I think Sarge must have been kicking it.

I loaded Biscuit up, shut the ramp for the bazillionth time and hauled them back to their paddock.   I am going to get Mike to do their feet for a few months and pull Biscuit's toe back to where it should be.  I am not an expert and always so afraid I will hurt my boy!

Sunday Ride including the Yellow Brick Road Bridge

Sunday March 2, Kellie and I went out for a ride.  I didn't have a problem catching Biscuit and we got out to the Park and tacked up.  I mounted up by Kellie's trailer.  Ugh.  The first time Biscuit moved.  I put him closer to the trailer and mounted up with no problem.  I was using my new crop!

Biscuit and Elan really moved out this morning.  We usually are kicking them down the trail.  We saw a little snake around the bathroom area of the road.  We went behind the bathroom with we usually don't do but did today.

We got out on Cattail Marsh and the horses were moving at a good rate.  It was windy but not cold.  We went down to Willow Bayou and saw an alligator - the first one this year.  We crossed over the big bridge and walked past the pipe shooting out the water.  As we approached the little land bridge, we saw white pelican's in the canal on the right side!!!  Wow!  We had never see white pelican's in Tyrrell before.  We went to the right side and walked all the way to Hildebrandt.  It had water in some places but mostly was just fine for riding.

We got to the back and let the horses graze a little bit.  We went down the little trail to the main trail.  The alligator nursery had a few little babies - probably last year's babies as they were about a foot long.

Biscuit and Elan were being so forward and just fabulous.  We got to the little cement bridge and noted how wide the stream was going back towards the bog.  We rounded the curve and there was a little armadillo.  Don't think he ever saw or heard us!  Biscuit finally noticed him and kept an eye on him.

We did a little jogging going back up to the front.  We crossed over the bridge and decided to cross the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.  Biscuit started backing up and being a goober and so did Elan.  Kellie popped him a few times and he finally headed for the bridge and Biscuit followed.  He stopped just before the bridge but Biscuit kept going and crossed it.  We went around the other side of the drainage ditch and past the pretty pond back there.  We could see 2 alligators and blue and white herons.  We went past the pump station and to the bayou.  We stopped there and ate our sandwiches which I shared the crust with Biscuit and Elan.  LOL  Biscuit was begging for treats from Kellie and she gave him some of her sandwich.  I think he ate a piece of ham.  :-)

We went back across the bridge and down the side of that rode to the gates.  We saw another snake like the one we saw up in the front.  I was jogging Biscuit and tried to kick him into a canter at one point and OMG he did something that nearly unseated me.  ahahahahaah rough as could be.  Kellie said he sounded like he was falling down.  We jogged all the way pretty much to the gate of Cattail Marsh.  Elan wasn't too happy about that but trotting hurts my back and I need to get Biscuit collected up and jogging again.  It is good for him and for me.  We came through the turnstile with the help of a nice photographer lady.  Biscuit was hoping she had a treat for him but alas she didn't.  He had begged for treats the day before and some people tried dog food but Biscuit decided that dog food was for the dogs and not Biscuit.  Hahahahaha  it was falling out of his mouth after he tried it!

We jogged back to the barn, walking some but jogging quiet a bit.

We had a great time and hope to go again soon.  The woods are officially a swamp.  So is all of Tyrrell Park.  It is dry enough out on the bayou but that is it.

I cleaned Biscuit's legs off and we hauled home.  We rode a 8.5 miles today.  I now have 49.8 miles for the year.  Hoping to ride more than I did last year.

Saturday in Tyrrell Park

On March 1st, I had a wedding cake, a birthday cake and another sheetcake for Lee Ann B and her hubby Spud.  Spud planned a surprise party for her!  How sweet is that?  OMG Barry has never thought to plan a party for me so Good for Spud!  He is my hubby hero.

I got my most of the cakes done early so I could go riding with Kellie.  I left early so I could catch Biscuit with no problems.  Got stopped by the DPS on the way - thank goodness she didn't give me a ticket.  Got out to the barn and got their feed and was able to catch Biscuit with no problem.  I had trouble getting the dang ball on the hitch.  I had to take it totally off and redo before I could get it on there properly.  I loaded up my Biscuit Man and headed for the park.  Got to the red light on Hwy 124 at Tyrrell Park Road and DANG....I realized I didn't have my freaking tack.  I think I am losing my mind.  I called Kellie and hauled back to the barn.  When I got there Biscuit looked at me through the window like "are we through?  Just a joy ride Sister?"  LOL!!

Got to the park, tacked up the Biscuit and we rode just to the bridge so 4 miles.  We saw the eagle!!!  I had to to get back to put the flower together and finish Lee Ann and Spud's cake.  It was fun though and Kellie brought me Birthday Presents!!!

A purple shirt with a horsey slogan, an orange Hags with Nags cap and two purple crops - one with a star!  So with my new scepter, my Queen of the Living Quarters shirt, I now need a hat with a crown on  it.  I am a Queen and Biscuit is my trusty steed!!!

Barry went with me to deliver my wedding cake and I delivered Lee Ann and Spud's cake.  So wish I could have stayed for the party but Barry isn't feeling so well so I had to go home.

Riding in the arena

The weekend after I went to Ebenezer I went to Austin to teach a cake class.  Had a great time teaching the class but the 4 hour drive really did me in.  I did get up the following Monday morning and ride in the arena.  I had missed my Biscuit Man!!!

I saddled him up and put him in the corner and mounted up.  I had a little bit of trouble pushing up but made it into my saddle.  The Lee Ann's were riding too.  I walked Biscuit and did just a tiny little bit of jogging.  I really enjoyed riding Biscuit.

I went out to the barn several times during the week and just gave him and Sarge treats.  My sweet boys!!!

Their hooves are long and need to be done but I am waiting for Mike to come and I will pay for him to work on their hooves.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ebenezer was a blast

Barry and I got up on Friday, February 14 and went out to pick up the horses.  We loaded the tack and Barry walked down to the pasture and walked the horses back up.  We loaded Sarge up in front and Biscuit in the back.  He slipped badly getting in poor fellow.

We hauled up to the park and Barry was going faster than I liked and it was making me nervous as we have never hauled this trailer nor hauled with this truck.  We got there ok.  Took the boys out and put them in the pens and unhooked the trailer.

We went to eat at The Stump with Kellie and Randy, Kent, Dusty and Staci.  After dinner we went back to the camp.  Jimmy Zinn came up later as did James and Beverly.  I was making the bed in the trailer when Jimmy came to see it and bless his heart - he brought me a "Queen of the Living Quarter's" Tee shirt!  What a sweetheart.

When we first got there the trickle charger wasn't charging.  We were surrounded by electricians and they were figuring all of that out.

For dinner I reheated some chicken wings in the rice pot and we had a nice little supper.  We sat around the camp fire at Kent's camp Friday night.  It was chilly.

I was tired and we went to bed fairly early.  It is a tight fit but doable.  We didn't turn on the heater til 5:00 AM Saturday morning.  I used pillows to make sure light/ drafts didn't come through the windows.  I took a sponge bath and had nice hot water!  I had purchased 5 purple bath towels to hang through the bars in the back windows and that worked like a charm.

The next morning we had a eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast.  I cooked in the electric skillet using the cutting board to make the area larger.  It was nice to be able to heat/cook something for breakfast INSIDE.

We tacked up and went for a ride.  Biscuit was pretty good the first half of the ride but got a little charged up the last half of the ride.  He always behaves but he was a bit of a handful.  Bev came off her little gelding but she wasn't hurt thank goodness.  When we first started out Bella ran in front of him a few times and he tried to bite her.  I stopped him just before he chomped down on her back.

We all went and ate at the Stump for lunch.  Lots of laughing and cutting up.  After lunch Barry and I went to Jasper to get fuses as I blew out the Microwave.  We went to Wal-Mart and an auto store.

We rode again Saturday afternoon and went on the trail that circles around a low area. Biscuit leaped over a little stream of water and "soft" area.  Dang, he nearly unseated me and my right foot came out of my stirrup.  Jimmy was right behind me and he said he thought I was going over the handlebars!

Great time!  We had a huge fish fry at Stacie and Dusty's and sat around the camp fire.  It was freaking COLD!  Stacie brought me a blanket.

We turned in and I used the shower for the first time.  I washed my hair and didn't run out of hot water.

We turned the heater on and by 10:30 PM turned it off!  Way to hot in there.  I slept better Saturday night than I did Friday night.

Made breakfast Sunday morning and we saddled up for a ride.  So much fun!!!  We rode 12 miles that weekend.  We took a new "trail" that was marked - it was not really a trail but it was fun.  Did a little jogging on Biscuit.

I picked up and cleaned up.  Took the little potty to dump it out.  The very best thing about the weekend was having a place to use the potty without having to go up the hill to use the public ones.  OMG It sure saved my legs but I was having a hard time getting around.

I nearly fell when I stumbled on the mat and slammed into the wheel well.  Ugh.  Scared the snot out of Biscuit.  I cleaned the pens out.  When we were ready to load I told Barry Biscuit should go in the front as he is too long bodied to get in the short back with the curve.  We tried to load him and he was having none of it.  James picked up a branch and he nearly had a melt down.  James put it down and he got Biscuit to follow him in.  Biscuit LEAPED in there.  Ugh...He needs to calm down.

We said our goodbyes to everyone and took off.  A fricktard pulled out in front of us almost to Jasper.  Ugh.  It was not a good experience.  I could feel the horses scrambling for footing and I was screaming at Barry RED LIGHT RED LIGHT RED LIGHT.  I couldn't feel him braking and the red light was right there.  Ugh.  He was pretty pissed off at me but I don't think he saw it.

When we got to the barn to take Biscuit out he scrambled out too fast.  Going to have to work on his skills in this trailer.  I think he slipped both times getting in it so he expects a problem.

Can't wait to go again.

Friday, February 14, 2014

So excited!

We are going to Ebenezer tomorrow to ride for the weekend.  Thank God it is finally sun shining and nice weather.  So sick of the rain!

I went out to the barn today to give my boys a treat.  They are so sweet.  Hugs and kisses to both of them.  Biscuit looks like a pig.  His jaw was matted and filthy looking.  I will have to brush him so he looks decent to ride!  I do not like riding a dirty horse.

I went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for the trailer and groceries.  I bought 5 purple bath towels.  Duh...I have been thinking of ways to cover the windows when we shower.  I thought about little suction cups to hold up placemats.  Poor thing.  I am a little dense.  My windows have bars on them.  I was going to get hand towels and hang over the bars.  The hand towels were just too small and cost just a little less than full sized towels.  I opted for the full size towels!  They can be used to dry off and then hang them on the windows to dry - it is a win/win situation.  Because they are purple - they will not be confused with the house towels when I bring them in to wash them.  I bought a purple net puff thingy to wash with so that I didn't have to have washcloths.  That would just be more stuff to keep up with.  I forgot to get a little suction cup soap holder thingy though.  Oh well.  I will get that another time.  I did buy a extra long shower curtain that I will lay down in the back so that the shower water doesn't go under the mats.

I bought a little folding rack to set on the counter so that things could be a little handier.  A good sized cutting board to cover the sink with so I can use it to cook or whatever I need.  A little bitty drainboard, a thingy to stand up plates/pot lids, etc.  A few food containers and a bread holder went in the basket too.

Stacie G is frying fish for our dinner Saturday.  We are all pitching in - I am taking potato salad and coleslaw.  I made all of it awhile ago and it is in the fridge chillin'.

I stopped at Duvall's to see if Danny had a ladder for RV's but they didn't.  Dang.  I went home and took the groceries in.  By then I was whipped.  Grocery shopping KILLS my legs and wears me out.  When Barry came home he said to run to Setzer's to get a converter for the electrical cord so we could turn the fridge on and get it cold.  I said Duvall's should have that and is closer!  I took the clip off of the awning to see if they had one of those.  It is broken on one side.  So, off I go with the cord and clip.  Danny had the converter and was out of the clips but they did have some velcro thingies that do the same thing.  I got those and will use them til the clip comes in.  If these work though I may skip the clip.

Barry got all of our camping stuff out of the barn.  I went through it and took out stuff I wanted and some we won't need anymore because we have the trailer.  I put the wheel chucks in the trailer behind the saddle stand, I have buckets, rope lights.  We are going to keep all of the stuff we need now in the white tote in the trailer!  No more dragging crap back into the workshop.  Take out the stuff to clean, remove food and that is it.  Electric skillet will stay in the trailer.  I will need to get a new toaster/muffin thing though.  They didn't have one at Wal-Mart unfortunately or I would have bought it. When I get a new one I will just leave the one we use now in the trailer.

I pulled the port-a-potty out and sat down on it to make sure I would be able to get up off of it!  LOL  I can!  Woot!!!  Barry said "I am NOT emptying that thing!"  Whatever.

He did bring home two new chairs - one in orange and one in purple!  Yay!!!  Those will stay in the trailer too.  

He plugged in the trailer and fired up the fridge.  It came right on and the light was working inside.  :-)  I put the bath mat under the fridge where the potty lives.  I think we are almost ready.

We will have to load up feed for the horses and tack in the morning.  I did call this morning and got a refund on the sites because I bought a pass.  Woot!  They refunded $160 today.  The $80 pass was well worth it.  We will also probably camp there a few more times this year so well worth the money.

Barry went and washed his white truck.  OMG he is probably going to have nervous breakdown having a white truck.  This may not work out for him.   :-)

Coggins are in the file so we are good to go.  Sarge will need his Coggins pulled in early March so I will have to go do that after I come back from Austin.

Woo hoo!!!  Ebenezer - here we come!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Calling Dr. Biscuit

I went to my first physical therapy today.  It was really an evaluation.  I told the very nice young PT Chris my entire tale of woe from beginning to end.  He had me push, pull his hands with my legs and feet.  He said my muscles were pretty good in my legs.  He thumped my knees with the mallet and said the left one's reaction was a little much - indicative of nerve damage.  I told him of my accident on trying that first horse and getting my butt busted.  I walked back and forth for him, did the closed eye thing - I will still pitch over when closing my eyes.

He said walking in the water was great and to keep that up.   He looked at my scar and pressed all around it.  ohhhhhhh that was a little bit sore.  He said I had some atrophy of the muscle.  He said it was a pretty traumatic surgery - dang sure was.

Told him all about riding and how it makes me feel physically better.  He agreed and said riding is actually the very best thing for me!  Yay!  He said some people do not realize what a full body workout riding is.  Couldn't agree more!

He is going to do work with me mostly on getting my balance back.  Looks like dancing steps to me and then another thing we are going  to do sounds like playing Twister.

He said to ride as much as possible - being careful of course.  I told him about mounting out on the bayou this weekend and how hard it was to pull myself up.  I told him my goal was to ride at a trot for as long as I wanted and not have my back get sore.  I told him I trot until my back hurts.  Biscuit generally is pretty smooth but occasionally he trots like a freaking MAC truck.  I told him as soon as I feel twinges I stop immediately.

Hoping to get better - so I think riding is on my agenda!!!  It needs to stop freaking raining.  It was raining like crazy last nigh.  So sick of it raining.

I stopped at the barn going to PT today and kissed up my boys.  2 treats for each of them and lots of kisses for me.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Washing out the trailer

Today was colder than a well diggers behind.  So sick of it raining.  So ready for non rainy weather!

I tried to get the mats out of the trailer.  Could only get the first one out.  I will have to get Barry to help me move those mats.  I washed out the back of the trailer as good as I could with 2 mats still in it.  Washed out the brush holder.  Left the doors open so it could started raining later.  I can't win for losing.

Oh well, it is washed and clean.  I think the doors or maybe the top vent leaks as it had water standing in the back by the doors.  I will have to check that out at a car wash or something when I am able to.

Weather is supposed to be nice this weekend while we are at Ebenezer.  We are having a fish fry.  Stacie will be cooking for us and I am taking potato salad and coleslaw plus a dessert.  Can't decide what to take for that - it is Valentine's weekend so I guess something with chocolate for all of the chocolate lovers up there.

My friend "Maggie Sophie" on Face Book (she is really named Heather) told me the other day she got a great deal on 4 purple hay bags and did I want two?  I said yes!  She got them in yesterday and we were talking on Face Book about Birthdays and I said mine was in two weeks and she said  Happy Birthday and not to send her a dime.  God bless her!!  My new trailer will have two new purple bags!!!  Can't wait to get them.  Hope they arrive by Thursday.  We are leaving on Friday morning.

Geez...I actually have quiet a bit to do.  I have to go grocery shopping and get beach towels while I am at it for the trailer.  Got to make sure I have what we need.  I need to plug in the fridge tomorrow.

I need a shower curtain.  I need to put foodstuffs in the trailer.  I need window coverings.  I want oversized placemats so tomorrow I am going to go to Anna's Linens and see what they have.  Got to remake the bed.  I washed the linens.  I have two sets of linens here in the house that we used for camping.  I need to make sure I have plenty of blankets in case it is really cold and the heater doesn't work.  LOL got to try all of this stuff out this first time so I want to be prepared no matter what!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday Ride

Barry wanted to go to the barn to check out if the wiring in the truck or the trailer was wrong.  I told him to lock Biscuit in the corral because he would take off when he started working with the trailer.  I got there a little after Barry did and Biscuit was outside of the corral.  Barry said he wouldn't come in with Sarge.  I got my treat bucket and got into the corral area and handed him a treat.  I then went on the other side and he let me come to him and pet him.  He didn't try to walk off.  I shook the treat bucket and he followed me into the corral!!!

Good Biscuit!!!

I was so proud of him.  Lots of hugs and kisses.  He was dirty as all get out but I loaded him up and hauled to Tyrrell.  I was brushing him and he was shedding out like crazy.  Got most of the mud off of him.  

Had to put my girth back on.  I had taken it off the last time I rode and washed it.  Took me a minute to remember how I had it attached with a 3 point rigging kind of tie.  Hahahahaha....I had to go around and look at the other side!!!  

I took my red windbreaker and tied it to the saddle.  I tied Kellie's on for her, too.  Just in case we needed them.  I need a new windbreaker.  Mine doesn't have a hood.  I forgot to wear my dang helmet. That is a rarity.  Kellie told me that Randy was going over to our house to help Barry with the trailer.  How sweet of him.

We went through Cattail Marsh.  There were some people with a dog near the road into Cattail and I heard hear say say something - Kellie said she told the dog "Sic Sic".  What a jackass.  Kellie told her that wasn't a very safe thing to do and the lady said she said she told the dog to Sit.  

Kellie got the code from some City Guy.  We went down the bayou and over the bridge with horses that were moving slower than molasses.  It was misting just a little.  We went over the little land bridge and rode to the left.  Nice ride!

Did some jogging coming up Willow but not a lot.  A nice lady opened the turnstile for us.  We rode back the stable - 7.7 miles today.

I went to sit on the step stool and freaking fell off of it like a clod!!!  I hauled Biscuit back to Plum Nearly and took him out by the barn so I could sweep out the trailer.  I took him back to his pasture and turned him loose.

Barry said the trailer wiring was not right but it is now.  He said it will need a brake job this summer.  I will have to save up for that.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

New Truck

Barry bought a new Tundra.  We were discussing putting the hitch in for the gooseneck and he said he wanted to get a new truck.

He picked it up Friday, January 31st.  I took it to Trailer Hitch Depot Thursday to have the hitch put in it.  Lee Wilson was so kind as to pick me up because Morgan was sick.  Bless him!!!  They didn't have the converter for the electrical part so that went in on Saturday.  OMG Barry discovered Saturday that they dented his tailgate.  OMG he was not a happy camper.

When he brought the truck home Friday he hooked it up to the little trailer.  Last Saturday Kellie had brought her truck over and we moved the trailer to the driveway.  I did clean it out Friday.  Anywhoo, we hauled it to the barn....Biscuit walked off when he saw it was us...same people, different truck, different trailer - not good for the Biscuit.

LOL we put Sarge in the trailer and he hopped right in and promptly broke it in with a big poop.  Way to go Sargent San Peppy!!!  We hauled it down the road just a little bit - it needs to be broke in and right now it doesn't haul that well.  We checked and we need 500 miles before doing a haul so we decided to go to Galveston for dinner - that would give us 170 miles or so.  It only had 190 miles on it.
We got back to the barn and Biscuit was standing in the little corral.  I got out of the truck and climbed through the fence and closed the gate.  I haltered him and took him to the trailer.  He hopped up but his back left hoof slipped off the back.  He didn't panic - just picked his butt up into the trailer.  I shut the door and went around to the window.  LOL He is so cute.  We unloaded them.  I can't get up in there with him to unload - not enough room so I told him "back up".  Bless him - he just backed up and stepped down.  Sarge came out a little fast but he always does.

Good boys!!!

Barry says he thinks the wiring is not right in the trailer.  He said we would take it to the Depot to be checked out.  That bites.

Trimming Hooves

Last week I trimmed Biscuit's hooves - just his front.  I need to do his back feet but doing all 4 at once is a little much for my back.

He can be a bit of a toot doing his hooves but we got the front ones done fairly quickly.  He was sniffing my hair.  Bless his heart...he is such a sweet fellow.

He was pretty dirty when I pulled him out of the pasture.  I brushed his mane, tail and body.  Got most of the mud off of him but his mane and tail need to be whitened.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Solo Ride with The Biscuit

Kellie and I were going riding today but she wasn't feeling well.  I was already dressed and ready to go so off I went.  

Biscuit was laying down in the sun out by the water trough but he got up and ambled over to the corral.  I gave him and Sarge a treat and closed the gate.  I haltered him and tied him to the trailer.  I hooked up the trailer and off we went to Tyrrell Park.  I did talk to Kellie to see how she was doing - sore throat and generally feeling bad.  Dang...hate that for her.

I got to the park and unloaded Biscuit.  My customer showed up to pay me for a cake coming up and they gave Biscuit some treats which he always appreciates.  I brushed him and tacked him up.  No hoof boots as we weren't going out on Cattail Marsh.

I turned his head to the trailer and mounted up the step.  Dang it.  He moved.  I moved him to where his his head was near the wheel and moved the steps.  I mounted up with no problem.  Woot.  I walked over to the woods and couldn't get Biscuit to walk through the water.  Sigh.  I remembered I left my keys in the trailer so I went back and leaned down and took them out of the trailer door.  We went across to the road - OMG he kept stopping - had to move around to the left because of the water - he was looking for Elan...ugh.  Took forever to get around to the trail opening and we went in that way.  Trail was dry in many places and then wet in some.  We went around past the Cattail little trail and then it got pretty dang wet.  Biscuit wasn't too happy and stopped right in the middle of a puddle, well, it was like The River Runs Through It right there.  OMG it took me 18 minutes to get him to move.  Wow.  I was kicking him....popping him with the crop.  Not hard - I would never mistreat Biscuit but dang - that fellow has got a hard head and is stubborn as all get out!!!

We finally moved - turned back - I think Biscuit was sure amoebas were in the water and were going to eat his feet off.  OMG he really dislikes going through mud.  We went down the little trail and it was dry in spots and then wet.  We went out to the road and walked around to the stable.  I dismounted at 1.4 miles.

I washed off his legs and belly.  I sprayed his tail good to get the mud out of it.  I cleaned his hooves.  He was a good boy and very laid back and calm today as he generally is.

We headed back to the barn and I unloaded him at the barn and tied him up.  I unhooked the trailer and jacked it up as high as I could get it.  I rinsed out the poop and went over to hug up the Biscuit.  He is wide as he can be across the back.  I buried my face in his coat and just enjoyed being with him.  Then I  loaded Biscuit back up.  Dang...what an idiot I forgot to hook it back up.  Ok...unload the Biscuit and had to hook it back up.  Had a bit of trouble but finally got it to hook back on the hitch.  I loaded Biscuit back up.  I am sure he thought I had lost my mind with all the loading and unloading!  I took him back to his paddock and turned him out.  He dropped and rolled and shook himself off.
Muddy Biscuit

Oh yeah...I got a watch to ride with!  Purple of course!  Thanks Honey Darling Precious!

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This is where he stood for 18 minutes!